GWEN Books

GWEN Books is a division of GWEN Global to transform lives through the power of storytelling.

Tess Cacciatore, CEO of GWEN Global revealed her own story in June 2018 from her hometown of Des Moines Iowa.

“Homeless to the White House” gained best-sellers status in the category of Faith & Spirituality. “I felt it was time to reveal my own story and to share the birth of GWEN and the reveal of my own journey of healing. My mission and passion is to help empower others who are ready to change their lives. Collaboration has been a core value to me, as to work together with educators, activists, humanitarians, nonprofit leaders, and influencers, so that we can amplify our efforts together to create sustainable and successful change. I feel that it is time to share our stories to heal from our past and to find our purpose in this world. #Reveal2Heal campaign is near and dear to my heart. By joining the GWEN Family we can transform lives together.” Tess Cacciatore Watch the book trailer here. 2024 marks the release of “Homeless to the White House” Second Edition – adding a 4th section titled BLOW THE WHISTLE, which shares the story of Tess going through Nigeria before the Pandemic Lockdown, all the way through her journey of her short film, titled “The Rescue” about trafficking in the United States in the hotel industry. Keep in touch for more information on the release of the book and more updates on upcoming projects and events.