Reveal to Heal Stories and Workshops

The Power of Sharing Your Story 

The Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN) facilitates several educational programs and workshops across the country each year. Through our Education and Therapy Board, we are facilitating Reveal to Heal courses in homeless shelters, college and university campuses, aligned NGO conferences, and corporate offices.

Our Reveal to Heal programs empower participants to share their stories in safe places, so healing can take place. Each guest is invited to explore their artistic and writing talents – to be self-expressed and have their voices heard. Whether an individual’s story is shared only with themselves privately, or it gets published in our “Reveal to Heal” GWEN Anthology Book Series and reaches the masses, the process of self-reflection and self-realization offers enormous value for personal growth. Do you want to Share Your Story? Do you have interest in potentially joining our growing list of published authors, or want to explore other opportunities to share your story?