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Personal Security and Peace of Mind 

Have you ever found yourself feeling alone and vulnerable, fearing your current situation and sensing impending danger? The GWEN Alert safety app (view video) can provide you with peace of mind and access to immediate assistance during times of need.

Using the power of mobile technology, the GWEN Alert connects you with trusted friends and family, and if necessary, notifies first responders. Set up is simple, and the app is FREE. You just download the app and enter contact information for your GWEN 5 – the five most-trusted people in your personal network. These individuals will be alerted when you’re in a dangerous situation and trigger the safety app with a click of a button.

•  A pre-set text message is sent instantly to your GWEN 5 network stating,
   “I am in trouble – I need your help!”

•  The app also automatically provides your GPS coordinates, so your
   support team can come to your rescue, as well as provide the proper
   authorities with your specific location.

•  In addition, you have the ability to speed dial 911 with GWEN Alert, in
   case you need to escalate a rescue response.

The Global Women’s Empowerment Network launched the award-winning GWEN Alert in 2012. Now, we are releasing Version 2.0 with new and improved safety features. One important update is the ability to record your surroundings. Video and audio footage is pushed to the cloud every minute. If your phone is destroyed or taken away, you still have access to the recorded electronic evidence. You can choose to store footage for as long as you wish, or delete it at any time.

GWEN Alert is great for many common situations:

• individuals traveling alone
• campus safety
• natural disasters
• public incidents of extreme danger
• abusive relationships
• and more

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