Mission, Vision and Purpose

Empowering People and Transforming Lives

Our Mission

Empowering People and Transforming Lives.  The Global Women’s  Empowerment Network (GWEN) utilizes the power of technology and multimedia to enable people to share their stories and transform lives. 

Our Vision

Through live-stream events, educational curriculum, workshops, community partnerships, and more, we offer people from around the world – all cultures and of all ages – a safe place to join forces and drive positive cultural change.

Our Purpose

By design, GWEN is led by women and to be joined by all. Our #Reveal2Heal movement empowers everyone to share their important experiences, lifestyles, and stories so both individual and community healing can begin.

It should be mentioned here that we “Do GWEN with the Men.” We think it is imperative to work as joined forces to create a healthy and healed world.