GWEN Programming

Local Focus with Global Reach 

The Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN) offers a variety of programs and initiatives focused on Empowerment, Education, and Entrepreneurism. All of our outreach efforts are designed to drive and support social activism and build upon our mission of transforming lives through the power of storytelling.

GWEN’s proprietary initiatives and programs enable people from all walks of life – on the global and local stage – to join forces, share their stories and help create positive social change. In addition, through collaboration and coordination with other NGOs and nonprofit organizations, we are able to generate even greater impact and widespread social change.

GWEN Leads: Proprietary Programs

GWEN Lights up Skid Row

Reveal to Heal Stories & Workshops

Finding GWEN Certification Program

GWEN Cares: US-based Collaborations

Lighthouse Affects

Women Illuminated Film Festival

GWEN Goes Global: International Collaborations

Nigeria and Ghana Fistula Surgeries and Empowerment Workshops

Kenya ProgramsHope B-Lit