GWEN Music and Radio

Inspirational Music and Talk 

Music is the language that brings people together to inspire, motivate, and impact on a global scale. Our Music division features work from GWEN Record Label artists and other performers, who shine a spotlight on our efforts to drive positive change and transform lives.

 We offer access to music from the Billboard Charts and live stream concerts, as well as special musical collections – such as our “Compilations for a Cause” CD series. Each disk highlights inspiring performances by multiple artists from around the world. Our collection currently features five popular genre CDs: adult contemporary, jazz, new age, R&B, and world music.

GWEN Talks Radio

Thoughtful conversations also help inspire positive change. GWEN Talks Radio dives into a variety of important topics, such as: sex trafficking, animal conservation, surviving cancer, education and empowering women. GWEN CEO Tess Cacciatore conducts intimate interviews with thought leaders from all over the world. Each episode gives tips for healthy living and intimate stories for healing, around the topics that pertain to our world today.

This radio interview series launched October 11, 2017 – the “International Day of the Girl” – on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube. By the fifth episode, the show was picked up by iHeartRadio, the premier online radio platform. Listen to GWEN Talks on iHeart Radio.