GWEN Lights Up Skidrow

GWEN Lights Up Skidrow  

GWEN Lights Up Skidrow – Global Women’s Empowerment Network launched November 27th for #GivingTuesday.
We pledge to raise funds to buy solar-powered lanterns, to light up Skidrow and provide illumination for those who are homeless and living in the streets of Los Angeles.

We are set to raise $25K in 25 days. Our goal is to give our 2,500 solar-powered lanterns to those living in the streets in SkidRow (downtown Los Angeles), which is the epicenter of homelessness in our country where over 53,000 people are in the state of being homeless.

We NEED you! Please click here to donate and help us reach our goal. Every $10 raised gives the gift of light to those in need. These special lanterns also provide a USB port to enable the charging of electrical devices such as cellphones, which are owned by most people living in the streets. This lantern offers safety during the dark nights where otherwise lives can be in danger and a threat for people vulnerable in the streets. These lightweight and portable lanterns have a snap-proof handle that allows for people to walk from place to place in the dark, with a light that illuminates their path. Their living space, whether in a tent, a box, or sleeping bag, gives them a light in real life and hopefully a light of hope that their lives will turn around.

“I have experienced being homeless, but never in the streets and in such dire circumstances. My heart goes out to help those who are in this situation. As a community we can come together to help those in need and to find solutions for something as simple has shining a light on those who are making a difference, as well as provide solar-powered lanterns to shed light for the people who are living in the streets on Skidrow. This is a low-cost with high-impact project that will truly help those in need.” Tess Cacciatore CEO of Global Women’s Empowerment Network.

The solar-lanterns will be distributed on January 26th, 2019 through the @WayfayerFoundation founded by @JustinBaldoni in 2015 at the #CarnivalofLove event which is working to build community by providing resources and love to the often times forgotten, and overlooked sector of our city: Los Angeles’ homeless population of Skid Row.

“We create a carnival that is tailor-made for the beautiful people of Los Angeles who are experiencing homelessness in, or around Skid Row. For one day, there is no us or them. No rich or poor. It’s simply about: unconditional love and coming together as a community.“ Justin Baldoni – Founder Wayfayer Foundation

Please click here to donate and help us reach our goal. Remember that every $10 raised gives the gift of light to those in need.