Safety tips for travelers

Gearing up for a trip across the pond?

Traveling to another country this summer? Are you ready? You’ve packed your sunscreen, your hat, good walking shoes and of course, your passport, here are few tips to make your travels safe, fun and the adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Always check for Travel Advisories, before you plan your trip and continue to check for updates.

  • Do you need a Travel Visa? Many countries require travel Visa, which are usually easy to obtain from your local Passport Agency.
  • Should you get any vaccinations? Especially if you are traveling to places where Malaria or other mosquito borne illnesses are prevalent.
  • Did you purchase Travel Health Insurance, or check your health insurance to make sure you’re covered?
  • Do you have food allergies or other medical needs? Are you able to share this information in the language of the country you are visiting? It’s important to be able to communicate. Google translate is a great tool to download on your phone. You can also write out your specific food allergies or other medical needs and carry it, just in case cell service or WIFI isn’t available.
  • And most importantly- Download the FREE GWEN Alert App for Apple or Android. This powerful tool will keep you instantly connected to your 5 chosen friends or family. Lock in your GPS should you need help and send instant text alerts and updates.

Have fun, explore this amazing world, meet new people and learn about their cultures and do it while knowing you’re prepared for anything.